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제목 Hotplate RG-1010
작성자 regenipage
작성일자 2019-12-16

Industrial Hotplate RG-1010

Industrial Hotplate

* Overall (mm) : 150 X 150
* Plate area (mm) : 100 X 100

Industrial Hotplate Function Guide

1. Function button : Confirm / Save function

2. Move location button : Move the position after pressing the button when modifying a figure

3. Decrease button : Used to reduce temperature

4. Increase button : Used to increase the temperature

5. Heating indicator : When the indicator appears, it indicates that it is currently heating,
and when it blinks, it indicates that the heating is completed and it is in constant temperature

6. Alarm light : Displayed when it is about 10 degrees higher than the target temperature

7. Current temperature : Current temperature of hot plate

8. Target temperature : Target temperature of set hot plate


- Product Name : Industrial Hotplate

- Model : RG-1010

- Power : AC220V/50~60Hz

- Max Watts : 300W / 400℃ (30 minutes)

- Weight : Aprox 1.60kg

- Origin : Made in China

The temperature of this unit rises up to 400 degrees and the temperature
change by time unit is as follows

Temperature rise effect

Korea Testing Certification

Registration of Broadcasting and Communication Equipments

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